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Camps' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


How much does it cost to list my camp at

You can list your camp with us (and create your own Web page) FREE!   Your camp, when approved, will become searchable by thousands of parents and job seekers. You will have password access to your Web page -- and control over every item on the page -- 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your page will present summary information about your camp including: location, description, activities and specializations, camp session information, two pictures and a logo, and a "hot link" to your own Web site and e-mail.   top

I already have a Web site for my camp.  Why should I also list my camp with will help camp seekers find your camp. Think of a listing with as complementary to your own Web site, NOT in competition with it. Currently, a nationwide advertising campaign is featuring as the premier Web site for camp searching and job searching in the camping industry. When people visit our site, they search for camps (or camp jobs) using our sophisticated search engine.   Once they specify their search criteria, a list of camps (or camp jobs) that match the criteria is presented to them. The camp/job seekers then select the camps they want to view. They see the summary data on your Web page at Then they may go directly to your Web site, or they e-mail you for additional information.   top

How can I register my camp with

To register your camp with us, please do the following:
  • Go to
  • Go to the "camps" section.
  • Press the "New User" button. (Or select Register! on the black navigation bar.)
  • Register as a "Camp."  Select your own User Name/Password.
  • As you enter data into the fields, a Web page is automatically being built for you.  (You have 24-hours-a-day control over your page.)
  • When you enter the location of your camp, please make sure that you enter the specific street address into the address1 field.   This will enable our "Display On Map" feature to pinpoint the exact location of your camp and provide camp seekers with directions to your camp.
    (For example, "P.O. Box 11, 1134 Round Hill Road"   should be entered as  1134 Round Hill Road, P.O. Box 11.)
  • Please continue the registration process.
    The registration process is complete when you press the "Finish" button in the last (i.e., Picture) section.  If you want to skip a section, select the "Go To Next" button; you will advance to the next form.
  • When you enter camp session data, make sure to press the "Add This Session" button, or the session will not be registered.
If you have any difficulty entering (uploading) pictures, just e-mail them to us, or send us color photos, and we'll scan them for you.  Please take advantage of our job posting options.  This is a FREE service.  top

I just registered my camp with  Then I searched your site for it, but I was unable to find it.  Did I do something wrong?

Once camp information has been entered, it must be approved and then verified before it is made available for general search.  The approval process usually takes from one to three days.  Camps that do not meet minimal requirements will not be approved. If your camp is not approved within three days, please contact us by e-mail at or phone us at 516-376-6073.   top

How are the camps listed when a search results are returned?

The search results are classified into three groups and camps are listed alphabetically within each group. The first group to be listed are those camps that are registered on WITH session information. The second group to be listed are those registered camps WITHOUT session information. The last group to be listed are those unregistered camps whose data were obtained from public sources.   top

I've just made changes to my camp data, but when I searched your site for my camp page, the old data was displayed. Did I do something wrong?

In order for the changes to take effect immediately, you must press the "Publish Web Page" button, at the camp summary page. Otherwise, your changes will take effect overnight automatically.   top

My organization holds camps in multiple locations.  How do I list them?

You can list as many camp locations as you have.  Every location gets its own summary Web page (We provide an easy way for you to duplicate information for multiple locations.  Click here for how).   top



My organization holds a travel/adventure camps.  How do I list them?

You should always list the approximate locations where the camps will be held (e.g., Colorado) and list your office as in- and off-season addresses (e.g., New York).  The reason is that camp seekers look for adventure camps in particular locations (such as Colorado), not in your office location. And you should list all of the locations where you hold camps and each one will get their own summary Web page on   top



I have camps at multiple locations. Is there an easy way for me to create multiple pages to represent my camps? has a user-friendly feature to create multiple Web pages for multiple camp locations.
  • Register one of your camps with us.  It will be used as a baseline/template to the rest of your camps.  Since as you "duplicate" your camps all the data from your first (template) camp is being copied, it is very important that the data for that camp is complete.
  • Pay special attention to the way you specify the locations of your camps: Location (the place where the camp is physically located), in-season administrative address, and off-season administrative address.
  • Make sure that the page is complete with picture(s) and logo, camp description, and session data.
  • Once you have created your first (template) page, press the Create New Camp with Identical Information button on the Camp Summary page.
    The Duplicate Camp Registration window will display.
  • Select a unique User Name for each camp.  We recommend that you choose easy-to-use names such as myCamp-NJ, myCamp-NY, or myCamp-FL for multiple locations.
  • Press the Register! button.
    Camp location form will display.  Don't get confused, the data on that page is identical to the "template" camp.  In this form you will change the data to conform to the "new" camp.
  • Change the camp Name. If the name is the same, you may want to append the location to the name such as my_Camp at NJ.
  • Change the camp location information (the off-season administrative address is probably the same), the phone number, the camp director's name, and the nearest large city to the camp.
  • Press the Save Changes button at the end of the page to update the data
    The Camp Summary page will display. If the name of the camp on that page, is not the one that you've entered for the new camp name, press the REFRESH or RELOAD button of your browser
  • If needed, update the session data, using a combination of the "Add New Session" button, or the New Copy/View/edit/delete links next to the session data at the camp summary page. Make sure to use the "Save Changes" button each time you update session data.   top