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Internet Strategies
Promoting Your Camp
Creating a Web Site
In the Spotlight



In the Spotlight

We have several opportunities for a camp program to appear in a prominent spot on

  • We have in Parents & Campers home page an In The Spotlight section, where your camp will be featured for at least one week on our Web site and be read by thousands of parents/campers. The requirements to be a Spotlight camp vary. It can be as simple as writing a good article, doing a promotion with, or purchasing a certain amount of goods on our B2B Marketplace. Please contact if you are interested in this program.

  • Have you ever done Web advertising? has the target audience that you seek. Place an ad banner on our Web site and you will really stand out. You will be surprise how reasonable is the price. You also may consider offering through a special promotion (such as discount) either through our e-mailings or on our Web site. Contact for more details.

  • If you have other ideas in mind, please send your suggestions to

  • We have a Camp Life section where you can share your best camp stories as a director or staff. Write an article (two pages maximum) and submit it to us. If the article is accepted, we will publish it in Camp Life , which will be read by parents/campers and other camp directors/staff. We reserve the right to edit and reject any article. Send your article to