Be a CampDepot Platinum (or Gold, Silver, Bronze) Camp Member!
  How much value do you place on registering an additional camper, recruiting a skilled counselor, or establishing your camp brand? Registering your camp on, the premier camp search engine on the Internet ( is listed #1 on Google when parents search for "residential camps" and #4 when they search for "day camps"), is definitely the first step. However, with over 21,000 camps listed on, it is very important that your camp is found on the first or the second page of the camp or job search.

If you have registered your camp on, you have taken a positive step toward marketing your camp. However, your listing by default is FREE for the first year and has limitations. FIRST, a FREE camp listing always appears AFTER paid members (see below). Second, a FREE camp member is entitled to only 2 camper or jobseeker email requests (3 if you are a non-profit, 501-C organization, and, 1 if your camp is run by college coaches at a campus (sorry, the low number is due to transient nature of these types of camps)). Lastly, once your camp EXCEEEDS the quota for the year, your camp will no longer be entitled to any requests in the future unless you become a paid member for at least one year.

Membership Policy: Free membership is good for the first year only. Thereafter, all camps must either elect Bronze membership or higher or pay a nominal LISTING fee in order to be included in the directory (details see below).

CampDepot is pleased to offer several CampDepot membership plans to camps that want additional services to distinguish themselves to parents/campers AND/OR jobseekers. In all cases, all members (except for Free) will be able to list as many jobs as needed and will appear before FREE members in our camp and job search. We even have a category (and lower fee) for small or college camps. So, do not wait, .

As a Platinum member, a camp will enjoy ALL of the following benefits:

1. Get campers!

  1. High Camp Search Position: Don't be lost in the crowd! We guarantee that your camp will be on the first grouping of the search results. Moreover, your listing will be shown with a STAR indicating your status as a preferred camp. And your listing will appear with lively pictures (2 per page).
  2. Unlimited camper emails: Your listing comes with a Request for Info button, where parents/campers can use it to send email inquiries to you seeking information about your camp. As a paid member, the number of such emails you can receive is unlimited.
  3. Get more visits to your Web site: We will list your camp's Web site so that they can find out more about your camp.

2. Get staff inquiries!

  1. High Job Listing: The jobs you posted will appear on the first grouping of the listings that are shown to the jobseekers.
  2. Resume Search: Need help fast? Don't wait for the job seeker to contact you. Perform a search to find those candidates whose preferences matches your camp including location and special skills required.
  3. Candidate Emails: If the Resume Search did not immediately yield a suitable candidate, sit back and check your e-mail. We will send you profiles of newly registered job seekers that meet your requirements.

3. Additional valuable services!

  1. CampDepot Trend Notes©: Every wonder what services and activities parents and campers are most interested in finding? Let CampDepot answer these questions and more in providing you with a yearly search metrics summary.
  2. FREE Webhosting For a Year: Do you have a Web site with your own domain name and associated e-mail addresses? Switch to our LiteWeb Webhosting services with 99.9% uptime guarantee and 25 e-mail accounts and we will get the Webhosting free for a year! We can even help you to design your Web site if you do not have one. Note that an one-time $100 setup fee applies. Optional, but highly recommended, technical services is available at $360/year.
  3. Discounts on B2B Purchases: CampDepot will be offering special promotions on camp supplies. As a Platinum member, you will receive additional discount (ranging from 5 to 10%) on our already low prices.

Some camps pay thousands of dollars for just one of these benefits. However, CampDepot is offering its Platinum Camp membership, which provides all of the services mentioned, for a low price of $760/year.

If you only want some of the benefits of the Platinum member, we have other plans that may suit you.

Gold Membership:

  • In addition to the benefits of the Bronze membership, you can take any TWO (excluding Webhosting) of the services of the Platinum membership. For example, high camp listing and resume search. The cost is $610/year.

Silver Membership:

  • In addition to the benefits of the Bronze membership, you can take any ONE (excluding Webhosting) of the services of the Platinum membership. For example, high camp listing. The cost is $428/year.

Bronze Membership:

  • As a Bronze member, your camp will be listed AHEAD of those Free camp members. Moreover, your Web page on will be vibrant with pictures and a link to your Web site. You will get unlimited number of camper e-mail requests. Last but not the least, you get to list as many jobs and positions as you need. The cost is only $178/year.

College or Small Camp Membership:

  • This is a special category for private camps that either are run by college coaches and/or have relatively small enrollment. If your camp revenue does not exceed $80,000/summer, you can choose to be a Silver member for a special fee of $174/year or a Bronze member for $100/year. And if your revenue does not exceed $30,000/summer, you can choose to be a Silver member for a special fee of $100/year or a Bronze member for $45/year.

Free Membership:

  • Your listing is valuable to us. As a registered Free member, you can describe your program the way only you can do it and you will get automatic e-mail requests from parents/campers about your camp (2/year for private camps and 3/year for non-profit camps). You also can list one job (unlimited openings). However, no Web site link or pictures will be shown on your camp page. Note that Free membership is available to NEW camps only for the first year.

Annual Listing Fee:

  • If you registered your camp with us for more than a year, your listing will not be guaranteed to be in our directory unless you pay a small listing of $32/year for private camps and $21/year for non-profit and small/medium private camps.

NOTE: All approved 501-C non-profit organizations can take 20% off our membership fees (but not listing fee).

One important note. If your organization posts three or more listings on, then your organization must become a paid member. Otherwise, your camps will be listed BEHIND all Free and Unregistered Camps in our search. On the other hand, we offer substantial group rate discount to your organization so that membership for all of your camps become an attractive option.

So, are you ready to sign up? Click here to . Do you have more questions? Just send us an e-mail or call us at 516-376-6073.

Note that any membership plan, regardless of the sign-up date, expires in December for the year it is purchased. Lastly, the prices shown are for a single camp listing. If you hold your camp in more than one location or have multiple camps, please contact us for a discount group rate.

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