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Promoting Your Camp on

So you are a camp director or owner and you have found out that offers many free services to help your camp. Therefore, you have registered your camp as a camp member. Now what can you do to further promote your camp on our Web site? Here are some pointers:

  • Provide a good, yet concise, description of your camp. The first 200 characters of your description are shown in the search results. You want to say something to the point in the first few sentences.

  • Provide good session information. Camps that do not have session information are listed after those that have. This is because we feel that the camps with session data present better sources of information to our parents/camper members. Therefore, they come first.

  • Provide interesting pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Enough said.

  • Provide accurate and up-to-date information on your activities and specialties. Parents look for certain features, and you want to make sure you provide them enough information to make an initial decision. Do not oversell yourself by listing everything as a specialty. If you claim to be a specialty camp in baseball, parents expect that the instructions are given not by college students, but by semi-professional personnel. Besides, parents will size things up right away after contacting you and visiting your camp; they will tell their friends about the misinformation. That may cost you a few campers.

  • Launch promotions with You may offer discounts (on sessions at your camp) on our Web site. You also may participate in our online registration program (to come in late 2000), which will make it easy for campers to review, compare, and sign up for your program through For more information, please contact

  • Become a spotlight camp. A spotlight camp is featured prominently in our Parents/Camper home page. For information on how to become a spotlight camp, please contact

  • Advertise on our Web site. For a small fee, you may advertise using ad banners on our Web site aimed directly at parents and campers. We can also help you to do direct marketing, such as including any promotions or discounts in e-mails that we send to parents/campers on a regular basis. We can also display banners when someone is searching for a camp like yours on our Web site. Again, please contact if you are interested.