How Can Help Your Camp is the one-stop, e-business solution center for your camp. We offer camps a unique partnership aimed at making your business grow and prosper. Under this program, the following services are available to you, most of them at NO COST:
  • Free advertising and listing. Having a presence on the Web is a necessity for businesses in today's cyberworld and be searchable on a Camp portal like CampDepot is a must. When you register your camp on, you will get a free Web page that describes your camp with pictures! Camp seekers will find your camp when they enter parameters that match your camp's profile. Potentially, this service will lead to larger enrollment and/or quicker fulfillment of your enrollment.

  • Improved staffing. You can post available jobs in our job bank. Interested persons with the desired skills will contact you directly.

  • CampDepot trend notes. At the end of the camp season, we compile a statistics on camps and search patterns of camp seekers. This information will include standard demographics on campers and their interests as well as what are desirable activities. It is an invaluable data sought after by all camp directors.

  • Less expensive and better supply procurement. You may list your supply needs, or check our list of supply companies (in our Yellow Pages section) to see what they carry. You may participate in our Business-to-Business (B2B) eMarketPlace, where we will aggregate your order with the orders of other camps in your area. We also will offer specials on select products, saving you considerable amount of money.

  • Rapid and efficient search for service providers. As with supplies, you can list your service provider needs or check our list of service providers (in our Yellow Pages section) to see what entertainment events they host. Then, you may either contact them or be contacted by them to secure a wider variety of shows/events at lower cost.

  • More choices and more economical promotional items. When you list with us, we will send you e-mails concerning camp promotion items that are of interest to you. We're confident that you will be delighted when you get more offers and choices than you would by attending camping conventions.

We also offer the following, totally optional, for-fee services, such as:

  • CampDepot Memberships. Do you want to stand out to potential campers and job seekers?  Become a Platinum (or Gold, Silver, Bronze) member and receive high search listing and ability to receive email notification of job-seekers.  Click here for more information. 

  • Web hosting. If you would like a Web site of your own (in addition to your Web page in or if you are not satisfied with your current Web hosting arrangement, please click here for more information. We offer very attractive rates and services to enable your camp to have its own Internet address and Web site.

  • Technology consultant/provider. Have you wondered what is the Internet beyond a Web site? Do you want to know how Intranet and Web-based software can drastically reduce your overhead and streamline your operations? can help you to use the technology to increase your office efficiency and camp operations.  Please contact us if you are interested.

  • Direct marketing to camp seekers. You may advertise and/or offer special promotions (for a small fee) either on our Web site or through our regular e-mails to members who fit certain profiles (for example, by interest, age, location, etc.). Please contact our marketing department if you are interested in this service.