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Welcome to Camp Search!

Search the most complete database of camps on the Internet. Find the camp that best suits your needs. Simply choose from the search methods below. If you have questions or problems, please send an e-mail to

Basic search
This is our simplest search method. Here you search camps by specifying type, focus, location, name of the camp (if you know it), and keywords.
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Category search
This search method first asks you to select the type of the camp you are looking for (that is, general, specialty in soccer, gifted, special needs, etc.). Then it performs the search based on the location and other search criteria that you set.
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Advanced search
Our most sophisticated search method. You search camps by specifying type and focus, camp location (region, state, zip + radius), specialty category, specialization, activities, camp affiliation, camper age, camp price, camp date, camp name, and/or keywords. Many of these criteria are optional, so your search can be as broad or as focused as you like.
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