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In this section, we feature articles and information about individual agencies and persons who serve people with special needs and deserve special recognition.  Do you have anything you want to share with our Special Connection Community?  Please send your material to:

CNS Clinic Pragmatic Language Camp
  The CNS at McLean is excited to offer a 6-week pragmatic language day camp. The basic core topics described in the group section will be presented to children in fun, interactive activities that foster generalizing these skills in other settings. At present, we offer residential facilities for out-of-town guests which include transportation to and from camp, as well as in-services and psychoeducation for parents.

What a fun way for children aged 6-14 to spend the hours of 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every weekday from July 10th through August 18th!
Each week, one of six core pragmatic language areas will be taught on a daily basis. These areas include:
  - Awareness of Self and Others
 - Body Language
 - Communication
 - Social Language
 - Emotional Development and Awareness
 - Problem Solving and Critical Thinking.

Early morning activity includes learning core concepts. After morning snack, children will participate in fun, interactive activities (arts and crafts, music, outdoor games, drama, etc.) that will not only help them understand the concept of the day, but will also help them learn to generalize it to different activities. After lunch, children will participate in different activities that also incorporate the concept of the day, but in a different way to help them learn to generalize. The last 50 minutes of the day will be dedicated to a group project that includes making up skits for a video where characters act out alternative responses to social situations. 

Each Wednesday is Outing Day! During these less structured times, appropriate interactions among the children will be facilitated by helping them process and respond to social information. Please contact our clinic at (617) 855-2736 for more information on costs and how to apply.

Our Staff: All camp concepts are taught in a group format by Master's-Level clinicians and our post-doctoral fellow. Liana M. Peña, the CNS postdoctoral fellow and camp coordinator, oversees the groups and co-leads each day! Donna Jenkins, Ph.D., is the clinical supervisor for the CNS, and provides supervision to all co-leaders throughout the summer. Helping the co-leaders are clinical educators, who have degrees in psychology and related fields. Additionally, students who are interested in the field and eager to gain experience, work at our camp assisting the clinical educators and co-leaders. All together, the CNS Camp 2000 provides a high counselor / student ratio. This provides the necessary support to our campers when they need 1:1 time or a sensory integration break. 

Please feel free to visit the CNS website at or our web page:
  CNS Clinic Pragmatic Language Camp page at

The Center for Neurointegrative Services is located at McLean Hospital, a major training facility for Harvard Medical School and an affiliate of Massachusetts General Hospital and a member of Partners Healthcare System, Inc.